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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Scott settled at Overlook - ok to call or visit

Scott is in room 510 at Overlook Hospital, 908-522-2547. He is accepting short calls or visits until 6:30pm. Overall, Scott is overwhelmed, but doing well. The surgery tomorrow will probably take about 4 hours, so we will update this blog tomorrow afternoon, as soon as we hear something.

Please continue to send your prayers and positive energies Scott's way.



  1. I am resubmitting this because I am an idiot blogger and don't know if it transmitted this morning...

    Hey Scott and Julie,

    We are all sitting on needles and pins, trying to send lots of prayers and positive energy your way. My brief visit on Tuesday night reconfirmed what I already knew about you two. Everyone that you encounter is crazy about you and your family. You got dealt a bad hand of cards, but the positive and happy spirit in your rock star hospital room has me convinced that you have so much good karma in reserve, that you will live through this and live well.

    Of course, I had to go to a good liberal for further inspiration - Mrs. Roosevelt.

    You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself. "I lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along."

    Eleanor Roosevelt, You Learn By Living. 1960

    I'll be in to visit as soon as the blog gives the" post-op go- ahead." Wishing you the all the best that luck and medical science have to offer.
    Love you guys, Kate & Michael

  2. Anonymous9:12 PM

    I went to High School with Scott- actually was a cheerleader when he played football- a good friend from H.S forwarded me this blog about Scott. I'm sending my prayers and get well wishes to Scott for a healthy recovery. I can only imagine what you and your families are going through at this difficult time.
    Best wishes,
    Jenny Ernwein (Vesta)- GR class of 1991-

  3. Anonymous11:57 PM

    Hi Scott
    The prayers and love of the Callahan family are with you and your family during this trying time
    Bill and Dot

  4. Anonymous7:36 AM

    What can we say? Just learned of Scott's diagnosis. We are in a serious state of shock and denial.....Lauren said, "But we just saw him and he seemed fine, Mom." .....We can't even begin to imagine what you are all going through. Please know that MANY thoughts and prayers are being sent from New Mexico to New Jersey!

    Karen, Lauren, and Brianna

  5. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Thoughts and prayers are with you today, my man, as they have been ever since we heard the news. Hang tough, and provided that you behave for your doctors(!), I'll hook you up with some California Rolls from Fujiyama Mama! Take care and God Bless.

    -Alex Hemsley