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Monday, November 27, 2006

Being Thankful!

Dear Friends and Family,
Sorry it has been so long since we have updated. Scott is usually sleeping in the evenings these days and so he hasn't updated in a while so I thought I'd do it for him this time. While I'm sitting next to him on the couch tonight, I started thinking about how thankful I am for him. I'm actually even feeling thankful for his snoring as I write this! You see he provides a comfort in my life that is hard to describe. So it is his simple presence, in my every day life, that I am thankful for this year.
As for his medical update, he is doing quite well. He has stopped taking his steroid medication which is why I think he is a little more tired lately. He may also feel the tiredness from the side effects of the radiation which can last up to 6 weeks. We have his first MRI scheduled for December 14th but we're not worried...we expect to see nothing but brain in his brain.
Speaking of being thankful, Ben, Jan, and I also got our MRI results back from Brain Tumor Awareness Day in the city and all received good results - whew. We are Thankful!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We are thankful to have such good people in our lives.

1 comment:

  1. Ann Sobine5:49 PM

    So pleased you are all well and had a lovely and, of course, a most thankful Thankgiving. I wish you all the best at this holiday time and always. Pleae know that if you ever need us, we will be there. Love to all the Spoerls.

    Ann Sobine