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Monday, January 22, 2007

Second Round Chemo

Hey everyone-Scott here.

Took the second round of the 5 day chemo last week. Finished on Friday. Felt just fine the whole time that I took it. The weird thing is that you really only feel crappy AFTER you take it. I was fine all week, but felt a little crappy over the weekend. Mostly just feeling tired and napping. About one nap a day (a lot less napping than last time). Also, a little bit of the strange "food perversions" that cut down on your interest in eating. Nothing really sounded good, but I did manage to eat some. I worked from home today so that I could take a nap over the lunch hour. I am feeling pretty good tonight and will be headed back to the office tomorrow.

That is about it for news folks. We're looking forward to our Valentine's Day party and looking forward to a fun trip to Disney in March. Thanks to all for your prayers and assistance.

Much Love,


  1. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Disney in Orlando or California? If it's Orlando - please give us a call...we'd love to try to hook-up for a visit - and barring that, we might be able to give you some helpful hints for the visit (unfortunately, living in South Florida and visiting as often as we do...we're experts!!) Glad to hear that you are doing well...lots of hugs from the Arnell family to you, Julie, Paige & JJ...

    Sandy Arnell

  2. maryboone4:15 PM


    You're a trooper. I'm quite confident this chemo thing totally sucks ... but you brush it off like it's a minor inconvenience. I admire that.

    Stay positive and save your energy for what really matters: your family and gettin better!

    Much love,
    Mary (and Mitch, Eve and Eli)

  3. scott and julie- just wanted to send you our well wishes! you are in our thoughts often. have an awesome time in disney!!
    kim and tim silvestri

  4. Paul S. Cerruto12:54 PM

    Scott, Just wanted to say that you are in our daily prayers. Have a great time in Disney. Paul, Jennifer and Owen Cerruto (GRHS Class of 1991)

  5. Jennifer8:58 PM

    Hi Scott - Its Jen (Ermler) Wetherbee from GRHS - I just heard the news about what you are going through. I feel sure that you will get through all this. I am not sure if you know that Holly Davitt is a breast cancer survivor? She had a hard time, but got through it as well. She told me that the chemo sucks and sugery too of course - but once you get through it you will feel really good. You are young and strong and obviosuly have lots of family and friends to support you!!! All important things for recovery. Anyway, I will look you up on your blog from time to time - drop me an email if you like.