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Monday, April 09, 2007

Next MRI: Thursday

Hi Everyone,

This coming Thursday is Scott's next MRI and as always I start feeling anxiety at least a week in advance. It really makes me an emotional basketcase for a few days but then again most women experience that once a month anyway ;)

Even though his last scan was clear, there is always a chance that the tumor is growing back. I think this is unlikely because he is still on the Temodar chemo which seems to be doing it's job of preventing the cells from growing. He has two more rounds of chemo left. He starts one at the end of this week and then he'll have one more in May. He will continue to have scans every two months for a while (I think) and then assuming the scans come out clear, he will have them less frequently as time goes on.

On a different note, Easter was great. The kids were so excited when they woke up and found out that the Easter bunny had come to the house. JJ started opening up the eggs as he found them and dumped the candy right on the floor - yum! Paige was so excited she just started laughing this contagious laugh that was great. After treats and baskets, we went to church with the Grandmas and Judy. Then we met up with Ben and Laura for dinner at Grammy's house. It was a great day.
Thanks for checking in on us. We'll make sure that we post at the end of the week after Scott's MRI. Have a great week,

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