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Thursday, June 07, 2007

MRI June 7 2007

Hey everyone--Scott here:

Good news! Had my 2 month follow up MRI scan today. All was clear up there. Again, no jokes about how "the doctor looked in Scott's head and didn't find anything". We are all usually nervous about these things, but they are scans that will pretty much be happening for the rest of my life. I am perfectly happy to do these things, as long as they come back clear. Getting an MRI test is really no big deal--just an IV and 45 minutes in a tunnel I barely fit into. Luckily I'm not claustrophobic.

We met with Dr. Gruber (neuro onc) and he really had nothing but good things to say. I passed all my neuro tests (i.e. jumping on one foot, touching my nose, no terribly difficult things--except the math test--I was never much of a math student, back I got even that right). Gruber basically said that I am just being monitored now (every two months for the next year). If there are no changes or developments, I won't be taking any more chemo and could possibly stop taking my seizure meds in 6 months or so. The seizure meds (Keppra) doesn't really bother me and doesn't really have any side effects, but he would stop them if they weren't needed. The less medicine the better in my book. So we'll see about that one in 6 months or so.

Next MRI is scheduled for mid August. I will keep you guys all informed. Thanks for following me!

Thank you for all the support, prayers and positive energy....

Much love.



  2. FANTASTIC!!!!!! Couldn't be better news. We are thrilled. Thanks for the blog post. We think about you all so often. Love, Scott, Julie and Nicholas

  3. Anonymous8:23 AM

    Such terrific news!!! We are always thinking about you! Love, Chris, Joy, Liam and James

  4. Anonymous8:30 AM

    Awesome!!! You're nothing if not unique- so we'll pray you don't fit the stereotype on this one too!
    Great news cousin!


  5. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Didn't want you to think we have forgotten you. We've been following your progress and high-fiving after each positive report!! Way to go!! We love you.
    Mr. and Mrs. G.

  6. Anonymous9:08 PM

    Guys, so thankful to hear things are going so well with your treatment! I think of you often. We'll pray for your cousin's safe return as well. God bless him.


  7. Anonymous4:15 PM

    THAT IS AWESOME!! Way to go, Scott's brain!!



  8. Anonymous9:47 PM

    Have I mentioned lately how amazing you guys are? Cause if I haven't, let me say it guys are AMAZING!!!
    love you all,