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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Good News Again!

Well, we got exactly what we wanted this Valentine's Day - a clean scan of Scott's brain! Scott, Paige, JJ, and I all went to lunch at the diner to celebrate. Scott and I felt a little anxious before the scan but we are thrilled that everything looks good. He'll have another scan on April 17th and as long as that one is clear, he'll start having them every 3 months instead of every 2!
Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!


  1. Anonymous9:29 PM

    Thank God! Happy Valentine's Day!
    Love, The O'Gwen's

  2. Anonymous11:59 PM

    Ya know, I never thought that the phrase "Once again, the doctors looked in Scott's head and didn't find anything" would be a good thing...but it is!!! Happy Valentine's Day indeed...Scott had a good scan and Adam is home for good.

    love you all,

  3. Anonymous1:28 AM

    Yippee! Can you hear us shouting for joy -- all the way from the West Coast?!? Let's keep this streak alive...
    Mary, Mitch, Eve & Eli

  4. Scott,

    Glad to hear you are doing well!! I just watched your speech at the walk...very powerful. I loved it. My brother is a cancer survivor and it is truly extraordinary what people like the two of you can do. It takes true courage to face something like this head on.

    Well...I will keep this short for now. My email is Drop me a line and we can catch up.

    Please give Julie a hello from me too.

    Chris Makos

  5. Anonymous8:31 PM

    Poobs..just wanted to say hi to you guys and that we love you. Sorry we missed v-day! email me poobs and lets get together soon...macker