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Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Little More Information...

Scott will be home resting for the next 7-10 days and then will see his surgeon to remove the staples from his head and his oncologist to recommend the next step of treatment.  He has some restrictions (such as no driving) right now and hopes that with rest,  those will be lifted at his next doctor's appointment.  Luckily for him - and me - he has his own chauffeur (Papa Ron) to drive him anywhere he needs to go!  

A team of doctors called the "Tumor Board" are meeting on Thursday to discuss Scott's case and try to agree on the next step of treatment.  We haven't gotten the pathology report back yet - that should be ready early this week.  His surgeon said that his MRI looked great and he was able to successfully remove the tumor so the first step in this new fight is done.  When we know the next step, we'll let you know.  

I have to tell all of you that live a bit farther away from us what amazing neighbors we have in New Providence.  We now are blessed with a cleaning person, lawn service, and dinners for the next month and a half.  As I sit here and think about that, I am overwhelmed with emotion.  We have a  a tremendous support system and that makes all this a little easier to handle.    Thank you SO much everyone - family and friends - near and far - for all that you've done for us!   xoxo - Julie


  1. Anonymous1:36 AM

    Those of us who live farther away are grateful to your local friends & neighbors...we can't be there to help, but we know that someone who loves you IS there, so hugs to all of them!!!
    Love, Abbi

  2. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Great to hear that Scott is home. Glad that you have a great support system. Love, and hugs to all of you..Judy

  3. Mary B12:24 AM

    I second Abbi's comment. In fact, one of the first things I told my mom was that I was so glad you guys live in a neighborhood filled with so many good friends. I, too, am thankful they're taking good care of all of you!

  4. Jeff Giambrone9:04 AM


    I got the news from Pete that you we're in for Round 2 and I immediately started praying for you. My wife Jessie and I will continue to pray for you and your family...for all of your health, peace and comfort throughout this incredible ordeal. Even though we live really far away, I will do whatever I can to make your spirits high and home life a little more relaxing. To Scott's incredibly better half, thanks for taking care of my friend.

    All the best my friend, feel better.

    The Giambrones