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Monday, October 10, 2011

Scott is Cleared for Surgery

Scott is all set for Wednesday.  The docs all cleared him good to go and healthy for anesthesia.  Scott and I are overwhelmed, yet again, by the outpouring of help offers and support.  Thank you so much for EVERYTHING!!!    Scott posted a comment to an earlier blog about his tumor recurrence so you can click the comments button on that entry to see his comment.

As busy as we were today with appointments and work, we are reminded again about how important it is to stop the rush of life and enjoy moments with your family.  So when Paige asked me to roller blade with her today, I made time for her.  When she asked to play Apples to Apples tonight after dinner, we all sat down and enjoyed a lot of laughs together while playing.  Then we paused and read a chapter book together - all taking turns reading aloud.  We ended our night with our family handshake before bed.  My advice to all of you - don't wait for a medical emergency to make you stop and take time for each other.  Do it now.  Hug a little longer, listen a little closer, and be together a little more often.   Just love each other.  xoxo - Julie


  1. Mary B11:33 AM

    Prayers for the whole Spoerl clan. Ours are very powerful ... they're traveling clear across the country to get to you! Love to all. M&M&E&E

  2. Marge1:49 PM

    Amen. XOXOXO

  3. The Skinner's8:15 PM

    Lots of love to you all. xx

  4. Loved hugging you both tonight! Wishing Scott great strength tomorrow and giving you both a universe of love. Xo

  5. Karen Pazdera10:34 PM

    well said, Julie. I saw a quote today that said, "life if happening while you're making plans". Time to stop the planning and live in the moment. love you guys and wishing Scott strength and healing!
    Karen and Cap