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Monday, November 28, 2011

7:30 am surgery

Scott has had a busy day getting ready for tomorrow and visiting with friends. We've scheduled surgery for 7:30am tomorrow. He also had a PICC line put in to administer IV at home after surgery (they gave him Valium to relax him during that!).

He's in good spirits, as always! He is amazing (in case you didn't already know)!


  1. Mary B4:31 PM

    Sending all the positive prayers and thoughts I can muster. Let's consider this a tiny stumbling block on the road to full recovery!
    Lots of love headed your way!

  2. Anonymous7:26 AM

    Praying for a quick, successful surgery and peace for you while you wait. Love, Denise

  3. Nikki Ramirez8:37 AM

    Hi Julie,

    I am Jan's friend from choir. Just wanted to let you know Scott is in my prayers today. I hope the surgery goes smoothly and that he is home soon! Glad he is in good spirits and beat the "traffic"!

    Nikki Ramirez