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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Looking good!


  1. Jen Anestad3:30 PM

    No helmet yet? People want to know if you get to choose it... xxoo see you soon

  2. Laura Langan5:56 PM

    I'm waiting for the helmet, too! I would advise against a Giants helmet though after their embarrassing performance last night. Glad to see you smiling! Keep it up! Laura

  3. Jenny Gery6:22 PM

    No matter what the situation, Scott always manages a smile. Way to go, Scott. We are so happy that you are doing well!! :):)
    XXOO MR. and MRS. G.
    PS Regarding the helmet: Why don't you try a Viking helmet. That'll discourage the trolls and gremlins!!

  4. Anonymous9:41 PM

    OMGoodness had no idea this was going on, all this time we thought you were home recouperating. You are a strong guy w/lots of Prayers, Love & Emotional support from friends and family. Stay positive.... Love You.. Mama & Pop B

  5. Renato Mazzotini6:59 AM

    Ola Scott,
    Fico feliz em saber que já esta se recuperando. Receba um caloroso abraço do Brasil ||.

    Hi Scott,
    I'm happy to know about your recovery.
    Receive my warm Brazilian hug. Renato

  6. Anonymous10:36 AM

    Hey Julie. I am sending all my best energy to you and Scott. Let me know if I can help you in any way.
    Stay well,

  7. Anonymous4:46 PM

    Looking good Mr. Spoerl, looking damn good... Love you guys Teddy & Scott McGavin

  8. Mike and Kim Jonny6:09 PM

    still a handsome man! We are thinking of you

    The Jonny's

    PS - I would say wear a Jet helmet but you may be better off with a different team (as much as it pains me to say that!)

    See you at home soon!