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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Room

Scott walked out of the CCU into his new room in the regular neuro unit ... Yeah. We know so many people here now so there were several techs and nurses that came to greet him in his new was very nice. We definitely feel loved! The helmet that they brought him this morning was too small for his big noggin so they are going to try to find a bigger one (that was the biggest one they had!). Hopefully that will be here tomorrow. He may be discharged home tomorrow if everything is set .. We'll see.

Thanks for all the contributions to the walk...we now have over $20,000 raised!!! BUT there is still time to contribute and even though the walk is closed to registrants, we still welcome you to show up in central park and walk with us (not Scott). We will be the big group in the bright orange winter hats!!

1 comment:

  1. Jen Anestad6:06 PM

    Glad you're a bit more comfortable now. I know how much you want to be home! We want you home too! xxoo