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Monday, November 21, 2011

Scott's Doctor Appointments Today

   Scott had an appointment with his oncologist today.  His blood tests came out great which is wonderful.  We discussed the pathology results from MSK and it was written as the same tumor as 5 years ago - the anaplastic astrocytoma, grade 3.  No treatment changes will be made, he'll continue with his next round of chemotherapy on December 1st.  We also discussed having some molecular testing done on the tumor samples to give us more information.  We may do this with Dana Farber in Boston and we are awaiting a call back from them before we move ahead with that testing.  Any results from that would not change the current treatment but may help to decide future treatments.
   We also saw the surgeon, Dr. Beyerl, again today because Scott is showing signs of a possible infection at a small area of the incision.  He was given a round of antibiotics which he started today and will finish next Monday.  He needs to be infection free before doing his next chemo so hopefully the antibiotic will take care of that!
   We ended today with a great dinner made by another great neighbor in New Providence.  We appreciate all the assistance that everyone has given us!  We really do live in a community of amazing people!!

   If you have signed up to walk with us on December 4th, make sure that you continue fundraising!  Our team is now ranked as the 5th top fundraising team and as of right now, we have raised $9,653!!!   Thanks to everyone who has already donated!!  You can check out our team at

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  1. mary b12:17 PM

    Hope the infection clears quickly so treatment can continue on schedule! Take care -- all of you!
    Mary B