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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Surgery is a Possibility

Hi Friends and Family,
I sigh as I write this because it has been a long weekend.  The doctors have tried to clear Scott's infection with antibiotics but they think that there is probably an infection of his bone flap (the piece of bone that the surgeon had to remove and put back during both previous surgeries).   We will know for sure tomorrow but the surgeon told us today that he will probably have surgery on Tuesday.

Surgery consists of the surgeon taking out the bone flap and cleaning the infection.  They then have him wear a helmet for 2-3 months while they make a fake bone flap and ensure that there is no infection left.  He will have a pic line and do IV antibiotics for a period of time post surgery.  Then he will have another surgery to insert the new bone flap.

Chemotherapy will be on hold until the infection is fully cleared.

Scott is really feeling fine - no fever or pain at all.  He is just having a little drainage at the incision site which is how we know there is an infection.  We are all doing what we need to do and trying to stay as positive as we can -- help us out by sending all those positive thoughts and powerful prayers.

I'll post more tomorrow after we have spoken with the doctors as this is not definite.  Maybe he'll wake up tomorrow with no drainage at all -- that would make for a fabulous day!! :)

Thanks for all that you all do to help us out and keep us sane!! xoxo

1 comment:

  1. Mary B7:30 PM

    Hoping for that infection-free wake up. Lots of love and prayers heading your way.