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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Voices Against Brain Cancer

Tonight my blog post is to ask for your support in finding a cure for brain cancer.  Scott has had surgery and is currently taking chemotherapy but none of that is a cure for brain cancer.  Researchers are working hard to find new treatments and they need money to do that.  I have faith and hope that they'll find a cure - with our help!

We are walking with a team called "The Spoerl Brainstormers" on Sunday, December 4th, in Central Park, NYC with an organization called Voices Against Brain Cancer.  You can support us by making a donation to our team or joining our team as a walker and fundraising yourself in support of our team.  To support us in any way, no matter how small, go to  

As for Scott, he is doing awesome!  It is amazing how well the brain can heal itself!  After speaking with his neuro-oncologist last week, he decided to start his first round of chemotherapy.  It is in pill form that he takes every night for a week.  Then he takes 3 weeks off before starting again..  Tonight is his 6th night in the first cycle.  The tumor board met a week and 1/2 ago and all agreed that chemotherapy was the best treatment for him at this point.  

Thanks already to all of you who have already donated in support of our team!!!  

1 comment:

  1. Mary B8:06 PM

    So glad to hear Scott's doing well -- and that you guys are doing the walk again. Our pledge has been pledged. We'll be there with you -- in spirit. Best, M&M&E&E