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Friday, August 10, 2012

Chemo Resumed Last Night

Scott has finally kicked the infection from the June surgery.  He is no longer on antibiotics and resumed chemotherapy last night.  He feels good (and looks good if I do say so myself!).  He typically tolerates the chemo pills pretty well so we don't anticipate any major problems with that.  

Other than that, we are enjoying summer.  Paige is away at girl scout camp and comes home tomorrow. She has been gone a week and we are hoping that she had a great time!  We all miss her a lot!!!  JJ is trying to kick a summer virus that he got a couple days ago so he and I have been hanging at home a bit this week.  I'm getting ready for a new job teaching middle school math and being the technology coordinator at The Chatham Day School (where I worked a couple of years ago).  It feels a lot like going home and I'm excited about the new school year.

That's about it on the updates.  Keep those positive thoughts and prayers coming for a clean September scan for Scott!!

1 comment:

  1. Jen and Johan1:24 AM

    Great news! Hope to see you soon. Xoxo