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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Visit to Boston, MA

We are now heading back to NJ after a busy couple of days in Boston. We met with Dr. Wen and he took a great deal of time examining Scott's MRIs and reports from the past year, as well as performing a thorough neurological exam on Scott. He advised Scott to stop the temodar chemotherapy after this last round which Scott is doing now and as long as the March scan is stable, he would take a wait and see approach and not begin another therapy at this time. This is in agreement w Dr. Gruber here in NJ which is comforting.

We asked Dr. Wen about the small spots that were on Scott's scans this fall. He said that he can't know for sure what the spots are but that they are either scar tissue from radiation or small tumors. He did express that if they were tumors, that they would have typically grown by now so that is good since the spots have stayed stable. Dr. Wen also advised us to spend some some time now trying to gather as much information on Scott's last tumor as possible . Dr. Wen's office will get as much tumor sample as possible (which isn't much) to run a few more tests. This will help us get Scott into a trial that could help his specific tumor characteristics if needed in the future.

Overall, Dr. Wen was happy with Scott's progress and treatments and he passed all neurological exams with flying colors. Yeah! :)

We managed to squeeze in a visit to the Boston Tea Party Museum (very cool) and a visit to the aquarium and ate a meal at Durgin Park, where both our grandparents have eaten many times. I loved that we were able to combine a medical trip with making a few forever memories!


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