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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Update and Tumor Grade

We are currently waiting to go home - discharge always takes forever.  Scott has some new stitches (which was pretty painful) and these new stitches will stay in longer - for 2-3 more weeks.  There is still a risk of infection so we have to be very careful and continue watching for fluid leakage from the wound over the next several days.

We also got the pathology report which says the tumor is a glioblastoma, grade 4.  The tumor however tends to behave more like a grade 3 which is good.  This could be due to certain mutations that the tumor exhibits or I like to think that Scott's healthy eating slows down the tumor growth!  Who knows why but we'll take it!

We will see the oncologist on September 8th (not the 5th as we originally thought)  to plan treatment and also check in with the surgeon on the same day. 

Whew!  This will be a long road.  It's definitely not over and we appreciate all your love and support along the way.  


  1. Sending huge hugs to you both (and the entire Spoerl clan)!!! And many many positive thoughts and blessings! xoxo, Melissa W.

  2. Andrew Shakalis10:27 AM

    Nothing but positive thoughts and prayers. All will be fine.