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Monday, February 02, 2015

Quiet, Peaceful Moments

We spent the day in NY City today (hotel room last night so we wouldn't have to drive in the snow today! - darn snow!) and Scott had an MRI today followed by a meeting with the oncologist.  He got the MRI because we were a little concerned with some new symptoms he's experiencing which include some speech issues.  The MRI was inconclusive bc it's hard to tell the difference between swelling from radiation, tumor growth and side effects from the keytruda medication.  Because of this, we have put the keytruda infusion on hold for just a couple days while he starts a round of steroids in hopes that it helps the symptoms.  

It was a long day but I enjoyed spending time just with Scott.  In case you didn't know, I love him SO much!   Here's a pic of a brief moment in the waiting room today after waiting for a few hours between appointments.  It was a quiet peaceful moment. :)

Enjoy your own quiet peaceful moments.

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