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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Another Seizure but Under Control

While waiting to see the endocrinologist Friday night, Scott had another seizure in the waiting room.  It temporarily caused him to lose the ability to speak again.  Because low sodium levels can cause seizures, the endocrinologist wanted us to go to the ER again - ugh!  Luckily, Scott's sodium had come up a little since Wednesday so they don't think that was the cause of the seizure.  He recovered much more quickly from this seizure and within a couple hours was speaking much more clearly.  They discharged him around 9:30pm on Friday and we were able to come home and sleep in our own bed!

The doctors don't think that the low sodium levels are caused by damage to the pituitary gland but they are going to do regular tests to monitor hormone levels over the next several weeks to be sure.  In the meantime, he is on a liquid restriction to only 750mL a day!!  That includes all liquids - coffee, water, soup, anything!  It is not a lot and will be a challenge.   The docs are also looking at the anti-seizure meds as a possible cause of the low sodium levels but right now he needs those but we may work to transition to a new one soon.

It is definitely a balancing act of medications and lifestyle....between the seizures, blood blot, and low sodium level...each requires their own remedy and we have to choose which one is most important to deal with at any particular time and it seems now that the low sodium trumps them all so hopefully we will get that under control quickly.

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