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Thursday, March 05, 2015

MRI This Week and Other New Developments is never dull.  We decided to push up the MRI because Scott's symptoms seem to fluctuate a bit.  One day, he will do great and the next he might struggle a bit more with speech and cognitive function, and then he'll improve again.   We are not sure if this is due to the steroid ween, possible partial seizures, or just swelling in the brain from tumor or treatment effect (same old story).  He is still taking the same dose of steroids that he did at the end of last week and we will continue that dose for at least another week before we start the ween again (hopefully!).  

Since MRIs are difficult to interpret, I'll keep it simple...Dr. Lassman was happy with the MRI.   That was good news.  We decided to increase his anti-seizure medicine again in case he is having simple partial seizures and keep the steroid the same for now.

We did have a slight hiccup in his health exam as he has been complaining of some slight leg pain recently.  We told the doc about this and he said that about 1/3 of all glioblastoma patients (Scott's cancer) develop blood clots in their legs (news to me!).  Since it was late in the day, he asked us to come back the next day (Thursday - snow day! ugh) for an ultrasound of his leg.  Jan (Scott's Mom) arrived at 6:30am to take him into the city to have the ultrasound (thank God for Jan!).  It turns out that he does have a small blood clot but they are just going to watch it for now.  They didn't want to put him on blood thinners because he did have a couple spots of blood collection in his brain on the last couple of MRIs.  He'll have another ultrasound next week and he'll be watched weekly for any changes.

Other than all of that, the kids had a blast with their friends in the snow today so that was fun to see :)

Hope you all had a good snow day.


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