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Saturday, April 04, 2015

Carpe Diem! Turks and Caicos -- Here We Come!

You may think we are crazy but YOLO, right? So with the platelet infusion last night, Scott's platelet count is 75! woo hoo!  The liver numbers continue to drop steadily -- he is now in the 720s so we are going!  SCOTT wants to go on vacation so WE are going!!! Jan is coming too so we will have plenty of help!!   I have 3 prescriptions for blood draws in Turks and have called a blood collection lab to confirm that he can get his labs drawn there.  I'll fill prescriptions ahead of time and bring extra!

As Scott sits in his hospital bed snoring away right now (Saturday at 12:20pm), I am making phone calls to Verizon and Capital One to get all setup internationally!  The kids are packing their suitcases and my taxes will have to wait until I return!   The hospital docs have been great (they all think we should go too!) and are trying hard to get him out of here as quickly as possible (which is never very quick but I'll take it).

That's it for now....Bon Voyage!

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