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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Liver levels are moving in the right direction

Although Scott's liver function levels are still higher than when we left Jersey, they are moving in the right direction and are lower than yesterday which is good.  Doubling the steroid dose seems to be doing the trick - thank God!  Another blood test will be done tomorrow.  

We had a very nice, relaxing day on the beach today.  :)


1 comment:

  1. Hello Spoerl Family,

    I know you really don't know me, but I take care of Elaine Boyette's Mom Josephine. I have been following all your updates. So very glad to see this latest update & seeing you all being able to enjoy your vacation. I have been Praying daily for Scott & your whole Family, I also have been saying one of our Native American Healing Prayers, I am including it so you can see what I am asking for.
    All my wishes & Prayers for this trip

    Mountain Spirit, leader of the Mountain Spirits, your body is holy.
    By means of it, make him well again.
    Make his body like your own.
    Make him strong again.

    He wants to get up with all of his body.
    For that reason, he is performing this ceremony,
    Do that which he has asked of you.

    Long ago, it seems you restored someone's legs and eyes for them.
    This has been said.
    In the same way, make him free again from disease.
    That is why I am speaking to you.

    Keep up the great work & Love seeing all the pictures.