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Monday, April 06, 2015

Platelets are up.

Scotts platelets are up again - yeah - and we are still waiting for the liver function results.  It was a little harried this morning when I called the blood lab to find out what time they opened and found out that they were closed bc it was a legal holiday.  I woke the owner up with a phone call at 8:30am and he said he would come in for Scott.  By 1pm we had it done.  The owner was so kind.  

We are looking forward to a medical-free day tomorrow!! 

Here's our crew at the managers happy hour tonight (Monday night).  


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  1. Andrew Shakalis9:34 AM

    Cool. Relax and enjoy the sun. It's a great island. My kids had a blast running after the geckos.

    All the best,