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Thursday, December 03, 2015

New Chemo Seems to be Working

Even though my 5:00am alarm didn't go off this morning (that happens when you set it for pm instead of am!!), we made it to NYC today (Thursday) for Scott's appointments, albeit a little late.  The oil spill on the GWB didn't help but the MRI people were understanding and got him a different MRI machine in a different building since Scott missed his 7:30am spot.  

We then met with Dr. Lassman who said that Scott's scan looks "fantastic" - those were his exact words!  We have to remember though that one of the drugs that Scott is taking called Avastin, can mask the way the MRI looks, but in any event, we will take it --- good news for the Holidays!

Over the past week or so, the use of Scott's right hand has been improving slowly and he is able to use it more for eating and doing everyday things.  He still continues to have a lot of speech/cognitive issues but he is working hard on improving that too.  We are going to start weaning him off of the steroids starting tonight and continuing slowly, if all goes well, over the next several weeks. 

He is having an Avastin infusion today and will take the CCNU chemotherapy (19 pills!) tonight at home.  This may wipe him out over the next couple of weeks but as long as it's working, we will keep on this treatment path.  :)

Have a great end of the week and a Happy Holiday season!


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