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Friday, June 17, 2016

Father's Day

I was amazed by the constant stream of sunshine that surrounded us this week.  The only break in the sun was Thursday morning, one week after Scott passed, that we were greeted with some small passing clouds and very brief showers.  I truly believe Scott planned that so he could see me "just be" lying in the hammock in the shade of the tree we always called our "baby tree" (because it was a baby tree when we bought our house) for a little time each day.  And so that we would all gather around in the lawn chairs being together and remembering him.

This weekend we will think about the amazing Dad he was to Paige and JJ.   He really did so much with them.  When they were little and even as they got older, it was him who took them on weekend excursions so that I could get the errands done in preparation for the school week.  He would take them to the dog park, hiking around the lake at the Watchung reservation, fishing, to the town pool or lifetime athletic, to friends houses and sporting events, or just an outing to Grammy's house.  He was a hands-on Dad who loved his kids more than anything else in this world.  

Here is a video that I made for Scott for father's day 2014 that I showed at his celebration of life last Sunday night.  Happy Father's Day Scott - we miss you and love you SO much.  You will always be #1 to us.  


If the video embedded below, doesn't work, click this YouTube link:

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous12:27 PM

    This is such a wonderful video. Scott looked like an amazing father. We are so deeply sorry for your loss. We are sending prayers, love and strength across the miles to you, your beautiful children and your family.

    Back in our college days, you could tell that you and Scott shared something extra special. It looks like that bond lasted... God put you together for a reason.

    If a Muhlenberg fund has been started for your children, we would love to contribute, and we know other Mules that are interested as well.

    Hang in there Julie. You are truly an inspiration and a remarkable wife and mother.

    xoxo Lisa and Brian Towsen (