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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

From Julie

For those of you who don't know, Scott was diagnosed with a brain tumor on Sunday, August 27th. He is at Morristown Memorial Hospital now. He has had a couple of cat scans and an MRI. The doctors have determined that it is a primary intrinsic tumor. It is on the left side of his brain and has a large cyst on top of it. The next step for him is surgery. We are still researching the best place for him to have his surgery.

We appreciate all of you who have helped us to research the best care in the area. Ben has done extensive research at a couple of New York hospitals as well as the regional hospitals here. He will most likely need long term treatment after the surgery and so we are looking for the best doctors as well as where Scott will feel most comfortable and what meets our insurance and financial needs. We will probably be making a decision in the next day or two and we'll update the blog as we make these decisions.

Again, we are overwhelmed by the support from our friends and family. We appreciate all of your help, support and concern. We will try to update this blog daily so that everyone can stay informed.

Thanks again for everything. - Julie


  1. Anonymous5:02 PM

    Please tell Scott that Donna McBarron (Sisco) from lawschool will be saying prayers for him.

  2. Melissa11:04 PM

    Hi Julie It's Miss Rasweiler... I am sending my Love and prayers to you and your family! I am here for you ... Just ask.... I think of you,Scott,Paige and JJ every day! Be strong and know that I am a phone call away if you need ANYTHING!! All my love...xo xo xo

  3. Anonymous12:52 PM

    The last time we saw eachother was at our class reunion. That was a great night because we got to meet Julie! Please know you are in my prayers for a speedy recovery.
    Love, Jessica (Hernandez) Zaninelli

  4. Anonymous1:15 PM

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Stay strong.
    Love, Dana Schnabel DeMars

  5. Kerry Kilbride9:57 PM

    Julie -

    We just wanted to say that Scott, you and the kids are all in our prayers daily. The Spoerl family is in our thoughts. Please do not hesitate to ask for anything at all. Stay strong - Scott is a tough and very special guy. Take care and god bless you all.
    Please give Scott a big hug and kiss from us.
    Love-Kerry, Bill and Katie Kilbride

  6. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Scott, Julie,

    Stunned is too mild a word to describe how we felt when we got the word. However, life is full of challenges and how we react to them is a test of our character and will make us stronger. Stay positive. I am certain You'll be up and around in no time at all enjoying your family, friends, and especially the children.

    You are all in my prayers,

    Maria Ruibal