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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tuesday, August 29th, 11:00pm

Scott is overwhelmed by the support of his friends and family. He thanks you all for all your input, research, friendship, and caring. He is in the final decision of choosing a surgeon and hospital. He is deciding between 2 very highly qualified, experienced, top-rated surgeons. He will definitely move hospitals in the next couple of days, to which one we are still unsure. Because we are still spending the majority of our time talking with experts and having lengthy discussions ourselves, we ask that you keep visits very short, if at all. Once Scott has made a decision, we will have a better idea about how much time he has for visitors.

Paige and JJ are doing well. Of course they want Daddy home but they visit him every day and know that he is doing OK. It helps that Mommy went to the hospital recently and came home just fine. (I had my gallbladder removed 2 1/2 weeks ago but I'm feeling fine.) They know Daddy will do the same. They have had lots of fun with Auntie Jen, Uncle Johan, Suzanne, Pam, Leslie, Cathy, and soon Tara and Lisa. Paige now asks who is coming to play today?

I will try to post some more information tomorrow as we know it. For now, say a prayer for Scott and have a good night. -Julie


  1. Anonymous11:57 AM


    While I know you were thinking of creative ways to get out doing yardwork so you can watch the Iowa Hawkeyes vs. Montana this weekend, this is ridiculous!

    Please know that you, Julie, Paige and JJ will be in my thoughts and prayers as you get this taken care of. If you or your family need anything at all, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

    With warmest wishes,
    Alex Hemsley

  2. Scott and Julie:
    Please know you're in our prayers. If there's anything -- anything at all -- we can do from a distance, please let us know.
    Mary, Mitch Eve & Eli