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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Scott is Walking!

Scott got out of his bed for dinner tonight and sat in a chair. Then he went for a walk down the hall (with Ben close by...just in case!) and he did great. I'm home with the kids right now but I heard he went for a second walk since I left. He will see a physical therapist tomorrow to determine whether can physically be on his own. Isn't it amazing that he is walking one day after brain surgery??? I'm going back to tuck him in and I'll give another update sometime tomorrow. Thanks again for all your comments, I'm bringing some to him to read tonight.
Have a good night,


  1. Julie-

    Melissa and I aer so happy and relieved that Scott is doing so well. Scott and your entire family have been in our prayers since we found out Scott's diagnosis earlier this week. We know you have a thousand offers but please if there is anything at all we can do for you and Scott please do not hesitate to ask. I cannot wait to shake my friend's hand.

    Your friends,

    Eric, Melissa and James Hughes

  2. Anonymous9:44 PM


    YEAH!!!!!!!!!! What else to say.......
    YEAH!!!!!!!!!! Great news for you and Julie and the kids and your parents and friends and everyone. The prayers, thoughts and offers to help in any way may go unrepeated, but will always be present.

    With love
    cousin Adam

  3. What great news to hear about Scott's progress-walking already!!!YEAH! It is just what we expected from you, Scott! This blog has been so great because we can't stop thinking about you guys and it keeps us up to date on how you are all doing!! We keep praying for you. Love to all, Joy

  4. Bev Beevers10:20 PM

    Hi Guys!! Can't tell you how relieved we are that surgery is over and Scott is on the mend!! We think about you guys all the time. Hugs to all, we love you and wish we could be there for you!! It's so hard to be so far away!!! Take care and we'll keep in touch!! Love, Dan,Bev Jake and Will P.S. How 'bout those Hawkeyes!!

  5. harris10:35 PM

    Somebody get that kid a burger and fries from Rutt's Hut! Great to hear you're back on your feet, Poobah.

    Harris, Julie & Dylan

  6. Anonymous10:43 PM

    Hooray for Scott! Love you guys! Love, Marge

  7. Scott,
    We are so happy to hear how well you are doing. It is truly amazing that you can be up and walking one day later. We have been praying and thinking of you all week, as I am sure everyone has been bc it seems to be working!! Yeah!! I just wanted to let you know that we are here to help in anyway you need and that we want to see you get better soon. Keep up the wonderful progress. You deserve nothing less than the best. We will keep sending positive energy your way!
    Hope to see you all soon!
    Colleen, Rich and Hannah Canto

  8. Awesome! We are so happy Scott is up on his feet! Give everyone a kiss from us.

    Love-Tara and Joe

  9. Anonymous8:15 AM

    Way to go big guy! Keep it going. Talk to you soon.

    John OD and the klan.

  10. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Be careful; with this type of progress, Scott will begin eating everything in sight !!! Great news, Lucie and I were fully confident that all would go well. Keep up the great love and support.
    Tell Scott I have a new bottle of Wild Turkey and, when he's ready we can take a few samples. Let us know when we can visit. Best Regards and Positive thoughts, Andrew & Lucie

  11. Set small reasonable daily goals. Walking on Saturday. By Wednesday you should be tap dancing in the Barbershop Quartet outfit. Seriously, keep up the good work. Thrilled with the progress so far.

    Love, Kate & Michael

  12. ainewhall11:03 AM

    Thank you, Jesus!
    What a great way to start the day-with the news that Scott is out of bed and hassling the nurses! In no time at all, he'll be home and playing with his family. I'm sure that Paige and JJ can't wait!

    hugs, kisses, and rabbits,
    love, abbi

  13. Kathy Fehn11:47 AM

    What amazing progress! Julie and Scott, you all have been in my prayers all week, especially Friday when I thought of little else. This blog has been an awesome way to keep us posted, not knowing what is going on is always the hardest part. Thank you and keep up the good work Scott. Prayers and good vibes will continue to come your way!
    PS and remember my offer of help is always there!