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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Scott moved to Intermediate Care Unit

Scott has moved out of the ICU and into the Intermediate Care Unit this afternoon. He is tired and achy, but overall recovering well. Scott is being closely monitored by the nurses and is being very well taken care of at Overlook. Everyone is hopeful that Scott will be home within a few days.

Thanks to everyone who has helped with the kids, food, and taking care of the Spoerl household - we all appreciate your generosity and kindness! Continue to keep Scott in your thoughts and prayers over the weeks to come - the positive energy makes all the difference.

- Jen


  1. Anonymous3:54 PM

    I'm sure every little bit of good news is reason to celebrate at this point- glad to hear it.
    Anything we can do from Illinois- let me know; you are all in my prayers and thoughts.

    -Cousin Adam N.

  2. Eric McCormick7:15 PM

    I really enjoyed working with Scott when I was at Unilever. Truly one of the most down-to-earth and good-natured colleagues I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I wanted to send him my best and wish him a speedy recovery. He is in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Anonymous7:29 PM

    Julie and Scott
    I am so happy to hear that things are going well... I am on your team.. I will pray for you until we reach VICTORY!! Please give my Paige a big hug and a kiss for me and tell her I said "no worries" I want to make a time for a play date... Julie..please give me a call or have someone call me so we can set something up... Need a ride to schoolo??? ANYTHING... I am here xo xo
    Love, Melissa (Rasweiler) Szpala