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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Second Week Treatments

Just another update of treatments from this week--

Not much news folks, things this week went about like they did last week. That is definitely a good thing. Haven't been feeling sick from the chemo. I did feel like I was going to throw up when I watched my Iowa Hawkeyes lose to Indiana on Saturday, but that was due to the Hawkeyes....not the chemo. The oncologist, Dr. Gruber looked over my weekly blood tests this week (checking the effects of chemo on my white blood cell counts, platelets and a million other things). Oncologist says that my blood count levels are all great.

The radiation treatments this week were about the same. Quick and painless. I discussed with the radiologist, Dr. Schwartz this week (on Wed as always). He always asks--"how do you feel". This week I told him that "I usually use my hands". He actually thought that was pretty funny. I also asked him why my hair wasn't falling out yet. He indicated that typically the hair starts falling out during week three. So you all may start seeing me bald in the next couple weeks. I told him that I could really care less if my hair falls out. ...that is the least of my problems.

Also talked with the surgeon, Dr. Beyerl last week. I love this guy. Everytime I talk to him, I feel better about selecting him to be my surgeon. He said that my recovery was pretty amazing. I also asked when we follow up with this stuff and take another MRI to see what is going on up in my noggin. He said that he had a post surgery MRI done and that another would not be done for at least a month after the radiation treatments were complete. The reason is that the radiation causes some swelling and other things in your head, which makes the MRI just about impossible to read and can be very misleading. So it looks like they won't take another MRI until sometime in mid to late December. Patience is a virtue....right?

They also have been toying around with my meds a little. They took me off one of the steroids that they had me on. Friday was the first day that I didn't take any of this steroid. On Friday, I started having some minor swelling on the left side of my head. This was pretty typical after the surgery, but I called Dr. Schwartz to let him know about it. He said that it was really no big deal and could either still be post surgery swelling or swelling due to the radiation. However, he said that the steroid usually makes all the swelling go away. So, he said that if I have any headaches or serious swelling, I should go back on the steroid. So I am back on the steroid now. It has made the swelling go down quite a bit and has me feeling fine again. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to make my muscles bigger, but it makes me feel nice. Julie says that it also makes me energetic and a little wired. I did go to church, then a b-day party down the street and then cut the grass. It is now 10 pm and I am still a little wired. Maybe Julie is right. Actually, Julie is pretty much always right....whether I like it or not. She is awfully smart.

Anyway, there is about all the news that is fit to print. This blog apparently subscribes to the "all the news that fits, we'll print". (Cousin Mary knows what I'm talking bout....)

Thanks to all for the love, support and you guys.

Much love,


  1. Anonymous11:27 PM

    We are so glad to hear that everything is moving along in the right direction, and that you are feeling strong. We are still thinking and praying for you daily. Sending you lots of love...All the O'Gwen's

  2. maryboone2:34 AM

    Scott and team:
    I'm certain you're bored with telling us this week was like last week and last week was like the week before it ... but I, for one, continue to wonder how you're doing. Your reports are reassuring and always entertaining ... and that, my friend, is what the NEW media is all about: ENTERTAINMENT.
    BTW -- Do you think some steroids might help ease my Hawkeye-inspired headache/heartache?
    Take care. Kisses to the gang.
    (and Mitch and Eve and Eli)

  3. Anonymous8:00 PM

    We are so happy to hear that everything is going well. I always check here to see how things are. It seems like your spirits are up which is great. Best of luck!
    Colleen Canto

  4. Anonymous8:09 AM

    Hi Scott,
    Its Jay Koval here from Glen Ridge - I just wanted to say hi and say you sound terrific - mental strength is half the battle, and it sounds like you are getting top-notch medical care and lots of love from friends and family. My wife Jill and I moved back east from SF a few months ago and live in CT with our twin nine-month old daughters. I'd love to come down and visit, so let me anytime that works for you. Take care, Jay

  5. Bev Beevers1:38 PM

    Hi Scott, Our prayers and well wishes continue to go out to you!!
    Sounds like you're kicking some butt!!! You're handling these treatments like a champ!! (Must be good genes??!!) Our love to you and all the Spoerls!! Love ya! Bev