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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Not much happening, but

Hey everyone--Scott here.

Hadn't posted in a while, but thought that I would post this one. I have been feeling good. Had a couple days without much to eat right after the last chemo round, but that stuff goes away pretty quickly.

I have been back in the office just about everyday unless I have a doctor's appt or something. It has been great to be back to work in the office.

We are starting to pull things together to start work in the kitchen. Our friends the Boyettes have been working on the kitchen and teaching us so much. The are invaluable to have. We love them and appreciate all the help. Mike put together a couple of different drawings of the kitchen and we loved them both. I think we have the design we like best. Julie and I are heading out today to research and look at a bunch of different appliances. As usual, Grammy is coming over to play with the kids while we shop for appliances. I don't know what we would do without Grammy (and Nana) to babysit. We appreciate all the help!

We and the kids are getting excited for the upcoming trip to Disney. We'll be leaving on 3/6. The whole clan (all nine of us traveling) should have a great time down there. We'll try to post again before we go.

Thanks again everyone....

Much love,

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