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Monday, February 19, 2007

Scott is starting to feel better!

Well, the effects of this past chemo round are starting to decrease. Scott is starting to eat a little more although he still doesn't have much desire to eat. The chemo really creates a kind of food perversion that makes food taste bad to him (at least he can't blame it on my cooking!). He is also able to stay awake longer but we did have family nap today and ALL slept from about 1:30-2:30 which was fun! He'll be back to working at the office tomorrow so no nap for him then.
His next round of chemo will be after our March Disney trip - we leave for Disney in 2 weeks!! YEAH, we can't wait. Tonight we watched Peter Pan...Paige's favorite part was Tinkerbell (she's such a girl) and JJ's favorite part was the alligator that tried to eat Captain Hook (he's such a boy). This was our first of about 8 Disney movies that we borrowed from the Feeney family to get ready for Disney. We are just a little Disney obsessed right now.
Well, have a great week everyone. Scott will post again in a few days when he's really feeling good.

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  1. Anonymous10:24 PM

    Scott and Julie - You guys look fantastic. Glad the scan was clear. I think of you all often and am so excited to hear that you'll be off to Disney soon! I've been keeping up with your blogs, so keep the info coming.I have an awesome group of prayer warriors down here in VA on your side.

    Would love to talk with you sometime soon!