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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Amazing Connections!

So Scott got a phone call from Dr. Friedman (Ted Kennedy's Oncologist) from Duke today asking about his diagnosis and needs.  We were floored that Dr. Friedman actually called us at home!  Of course I missed the call since I was at work but we are calling him back around dinner time tonight and have a few questions for him.  If Scott chooses to get his opinion, we'll have to go to Duke.  Scott's Mom's friend and Tom Hall's colleagues both were connections to Dr. Friedman -- thank you!!  While that was happening, I made an appointment for Tuesday at Dana Farber Cancer Institute in MA with a Dr. Patrick Wen, who comes highly recommended by several different people and we were contacted to him through some colleagues of Tom Halls - thanks Tom!  So we'll figure out what we are doing and it is so great to be able to choose from 2 very qualified, highly sought after doctors.  Thank you to EVERYONE who reached out and tried to make connections for us.  We are really, really blessed to have so many fabulous people in our lives!

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