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Monday, October 31, 2011


Well things have been SO crazy.  We have had no power since Saturday afternoon.  The kids are staying with Grammy and the rest of us (and lucky) are at Ben and Lauras.  The kids and Grammy didn't have school today or tomorrow.  But I did!  Scott, Jan, and I are off to see Dr. Wen to get a second opinion in MA tomorrow morning.  We are saving duke and Dr. Friedman if needed in the future.  We continue to take it one day at a time because otherwise we may go crazy!!  Happy Halloween everyone!!  ( oh - trick or treating is postponed till Friday since 90% of our town is still out of power!!)


  1. Mary B8:16 PM

    It sounds crazier out there than normal. Keep breathing. Keep asking questions. Keep the faith. You've got a whole lot of support out here! We'll look forward to your Hallo-vember photos later this week!
    Love, M&M&E&E

  2. Crazy, indeed! Thanks for the update! Happy Halloween!

  3. Just found out about the reoccurrence. Sending lots of love & prayers to you all. - Sandy & Drew Arnell