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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Help with 2nd Opinion

As with most major medical decisions, we are looking into a 2nd opinion not only for the pathology report but also for the course of oncology treatment - to make sure that we are doing the right thing and also to establish a connection with someone if needed in the future.  I'm eliciting your help.  We are looking for a top dog - big wig - the best of the best - doctor in neuro-oncology.  Typically, these are the doctors that you can't simply call up on the phone as a regular Joe Schmo and get an appointment next week.  You need to have an in - need to know someone who knows someone, etc.  So maybe you are the one who knows someone who knows someone...are you?  Please keep in mind that we need a neuro-oncologist - not a neuro-surgeon or other oncologist.  This is a specialist.  I'm sure many of you (unfortunately) have connections with a great oncologist but that's not what we need - it needs to specifically be a neuro-oncologist.   Thanks for your help!  E-mail me at if you have a connection!

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