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Monday, October 24, 2011

Next Steps

We just got back from our meeting with Scott's neuro-oncologist, Dr. Gruber.  Here are the bits of information that we received:

1.  Tumor Board: I was mistaken when I said that the tumor board was meeting to discuss his case last Thursday, that meeting is happening this Thursday.  I hope to talk to someone on Friday who will update me on the results of that meeting to see if there are any new/differing opinions.

2.  Pathology Report: Dr. Gruber was surprised by the pathology report as it is very rare that a tumor is downgraded when it recurs.  He is sending the tumor specimen out to Memorial Sloan Kettering for a second opinion.  We'll have the results of that report in a week to 2 weeks. Dr. Gruber did confirm my understanding that it is possible that we caught the tumor early and if it had time to grow bigger, it may have grew to a higher grade.  

3. Chemotherapy Recommendation: Dr. Gruber is ready to start treatments next week.  He recommended Scott to take Temodar chemotherapy again for 6 -12 months, starting next Monday.   Because Scott had the maximum dose of radiation to his head that he can have in a lifetime, he will not be receiving radiation with the chemotherapy.  No other medication is recommended at this time.

Scott should get his staples out on Wednesday this week and has been weaned of his steroids (although it's possible that he might need to go back on them if we suspect swelling in the brain).  His brain is still healing and he will continue to need time to rest and heal properly for a while.  He'll be having MRIs every 2 months and the next one is scheduled for the week before Christmas.

That's about it for now!  Thanks, as always, for all your love and support!!!  :)


  1. Anonymous2:19 PM

    A plan of action is always a good start! The rest of us will keep the prayers coming. When you need a hug, wrap up in your quilt & know that we love you!
    Love, Abbi

  2. Anonymous8:48 PM

    Julie -- we are praying for you guys. Thank you so much for the updates - - we love you both!!! xoxo Teddy & Scott McGavin

  3. Debra Martin-Boulanger10:32 PM

    Hi Julie, please know I'm thinking of you, Scott and the kids. Take care of yourself. Love & prayers, Debra M-B

  4. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Juls - so glad to hear Scott is feeling better and better. Thanks for keeping us posted, we are praying and thinking about you all. I'm so glad to see in the earlier posts that so many folks are helping you all out! I wish I could be there for you all but I'm so far away :(

    Hope you guys have a great Halloween week celebrating with the kids!

  5. Anonymous6:55 PM

    thanks for the update! We'll keep our fingers crossed for more good news.

    Harris & Julie