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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Dana Farber Visit

We spent over 3 hours with doctors at Dana Farber today.  We were highly impressed with their expertise in neuro-oncology, particularly Dr. Wen.  After performing many, many neurological tests and gathering background information about Scott, we met with Dr. Wen to discuss treatment options.  He suggested that Scott take temodar chemotherapy for the next 12 months.  He also explained that there are many different cycle choices to take the chemotherapy (examples: 5 days on - 21 days off OR one week on, one week off OR a small dose every day).  His suggestion for Scott was different than what Scott's oncologist in NJ is suggesting but he did say that the effectiveness of the different cycles is essentially the same, but some cycles may be more tolerable. 

Scott has not yet started chemotherapy and we will discuss the options again with his neuro-oncologist in NJ before actually starting the medication.  Dr. Wen said it is alright to start next week instead of this week.  We are also going to send Dr. Wen the slides of the tumors that were removed in October as well as the one 5 years ago, if possible.  He will run tests on these tumors that will give us more information specifically related to Scott and his cancer that will be helpful for future treatments, when needed. 

It was a very informative and worthwhile trip.  We are staying with Scott's Great Aunt Priscilla tonight and we'll be leaving for home tomorrow.   The power is still out in New Providence...maybe you can all use the power of prayer and positive thinking to get that situation fixed for tomorrow night! You all seem to have some pretty powerful positive vibes!

xoxo - Julie

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  1. Anonymous11:47 PM

    Enjoy the evening with Aunt Scill, I know she'll take good care of you! (It's amazing to me how awesome our family is :P)
    Love, Abbi