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Monday, January 09, 2012

Info on the Incision

Last night Scott woke up in the middle of the night with more drainage from the incision site.  We saw 2 doctors today - the Infectious Disease (ID) doc and a neuro-surgeon (not Scott's because he is away for a death in the family).  Scott's body is rejecting the sutures that were used to stitch one of the internal layers under the skin in the last surgery.  Because of that, his body is trying to get rid of the sutures which is causing the drainage.  The neuro surgeon cleaned the wound thoroughly and has instructed me how to do it at home.  We'll continue that until we see Scott's doc on Thursday and get his opinion.

The ID doc has put him back on one of the other IV antibiotics and taken him off the oral one.  He'll do the 2 IV antibiotics for an additional week and then we'll talk about it again and see where he is at.

That's about it - never a dull moment around here!!


  1. Kate Ondrejko12:53 PM

    Sending prayers for this blast antibiotics to be the last!

  2. Mary Boone3:30 PM

    Would you kick this thing once and for all? Prayers headed your way ...
    Mary B and gang