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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Surgery Expected in June

Last week we met with Dr. Gruber, Scott's oncologist, and he has agreed for Scott to take one month off of his chemo treatment in order to have surgery to replace the bone flap in his head.  Scott is currently doing chemotherapy this week and then he'll have 4 weeks for his body to recover.  During that time, he'll have another MRI and as long as the MRI is clean, he'll be given the OK for surgery sometime at the beginning of June.  We are still awaiting the date from the surgeon so we don't know any specifics yet but I know Scott will be happy to not have to wear any more headgear to protect his head!  Thanks to Cathy Wickenheiser, he at least has a surgeon approved "bump cap" that he can wear around work and most anywhere -- it looks like a navy blue baseball cap which is AWESOME!  Thanks Cathy!

Just another reminder about the May 11th Comedy event at the Crossroads in Garwood.  The details were in the last post so check that if you need details.  We've sold over 40 tickets to the event so make sure to get yours from me or Kim Jonny if you are interested.  Scott and I will be going for dinner at 6pm.  It should be a fun night with LOTS of laughs!!!


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  1. Mary B6:06 PM

    I thought he was growing pretty fond of that helmet?!? Glad to hear things are progressing.
    Love, MB