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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Pray at 7pm

Dear Friends and Family,

Scott's surgery is scheduled for 8:30am tomorrow and I think they booked a 3 hour slot for the surgery so that should give us an estimate of how long the surgery will last.  Since all of your prayers have worked so well in the past, we would love you to join us in prayer tonight around 7pm from where ever you are at that time.
While you are praying, we would like you to add a prayer for a dear family who lives across the street from us and lost their father to cancer this past weekend.  He was in his 40's and left behind his wife and two wonderful 5th grade children.  Please pray for their strength and peace.

I'll post again tomorrow after the surgery to let everyone know how surgery went.  Have a wonderful night and make sure you see everyday that you spend with the ones you love as a gift - life is so precious.


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