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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Surgery is Over.

We just saw Dr. Beyerl.  The surgery went well...he said he flushed Scott throughly with anti-biotic solution after putting in the bone flap.  Scott is in recovery now and then will be moved to ICU for the rest of today.  I'll see him in a couple of hours and then I'll post again.

Thanks for all the prayers!! :)


  1. Auntie Jen11:32 AM

    YAY! Glad things are off to a good start. Nothing but positivity moving forward! xxooxoox
    BTW, your kids are absolute angels - they were ready by 7:30!! WOW!

  2. Get rest, feel better, come home!

  3. Anonymous12:40 PM

    Thanks for the update! Onward and upward! Love, Kate D

  4. Gustavo Verzbickis1:08 PM

    This is fantastic Julie. I am so happy for you, Scott and your children.