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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Voices Again Brain Cancer Walk on December 2nd

Today I found a box of old letters and cards in my room while I was cleaning out my closet.  They were letters that Scott and I wrote to each other during the times that we were apart during the early years of our relationship.   Most of them were written before we had email so many were hand written which was the best part.  I sat down and could feel the amazingly strong new love that we had for each other way back in 1992.  And I cried.  It was the kind of love that hurts so much when apart from one another - whether it was just for a weekend or for a few months.   The thing that I realized when reading these old letters is that I love him even more now --- even more than that new first love.  It's scary in a way but really, really wonderful.  

So now I'm asking you to help me, once again, to find a cure for the love of my life by walking with us in Central Park on December 2nd or donating to our team that will be walking with us to find a cure for cancer.  Let's try to raise more than the almost $30,000 that we raised last year.  

Here are your directions for signing up or donating to our team:

1. To Sign up to walk: go to:  and click the JOIN A TEAM LOGO AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE. Search for the Spoerl Brainstormers and click the word "join" next to our team name to join our team. Follow the on screen instructions to sign up. Once signed up and here's the important part --- START FUNDRAISING! You can either create your own page or send out the link to our team page and ask for donations from your friends, family, and colleagues. Tell Scott's story from your perspective. Think about how much you love Scott and do this for him!

2. To Make a donation, go to  and click the MAKE A DONATION button on our team page. Follow the on screen instructions.

Thank you for helping me to find a cure for our Scott. 


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