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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Good Scan!!!

Scott had another good scan today!! Woo Hoo!!  We talked with Dr. Gruber who again suggested that Scott take a wait and see approach now and get scans every 2 months to watch for tumor growth.  This was also the suggestion of Dr. Wen from Dana Farber.

Dr. Gruber also told us that some neuro oncologists are keeping patients on the temodar chemotherapy longer but that there is no research that supports or shows that there is any benefit to doing that or to not doing that.   He said that Scott is now in an "uncharted territory" and that there is no set path to take.  It is really our decision whether to continue or stop chemotherapy.  This was news to us -- we didn't think that continuing chemotherapy now was really an option.

So...with that said, we are gathering a little more info from the past year's scans and then we are going to make a decision whether we will keep Scott on the chemotherapy for a bit longer or stop now.  We should have our decision made by sometime next week.

As Suzanne Hall pointed out to me today -- it is good that Scott is in "uncharted territory" -- he's beating the odds and we'd like to keep him sailing on in good health for a very long time.   :)

Happy Easter Everyone!



Oh - one more thing --- Brook Healey's family has organized a group prayer time this Saturday at 10am so please take a minute on Saturday morning to think about Brooke (4 year old with brain cancer) and pray for her strength to fight and for her good health.   I know all of your prayers are very powerful so let's spread the good thoughts and prayers her way!!

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  1. Our family is joining the ranks of those affected by brain cancer. Scott probably remembers my brother, Ron. We just learned he has a left-side brain tumor with the initial diagonsis of astrocytoma. He was in Vietnam on a work assignment when symptoms required hospitalization. A French doctor saw him. He is being transferred to Singapore and we will hopefully no more today. We are thankful he is out of Vietnam! The doctor there said he had a "stiff neck" and gave him some morphine. The coordination of care has been amazing by his stateside doctor. It's all a journey! Dana (Pugh) Barton