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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Scan Today - Results on Thursday

Wow!  Life is flying by -- somebody slow it down! Since I started working full time at an elementary school in New Providence, time is a rare commodity.

Here is an update on Scott:   He stopped chemo two months ago.  Since both doctors recommended that he stop, we decided to follow that advice. He has been feeling great and life is as normal for us as it is for everyone else!  Dr. Wen from Dana Farber has gotten the tumor sample from the 2011 surgery and is trying to run some additional molecular tests but we are not sure that there is enough tumor to run the tests - we should get these results by early next week.

Today (Wednesday) Scott is going into the city to Dr. Gruber's NY office to have a profusion MRI scan.  This is the typical MRI but will also show the blood flow more detailed in the brain.  It should help us to gather a bit more information.  We will get the results of this MRI when we meet with Dr. Gruber at his Overlook Hospital office in Summit on Thursday.  I will post the results sometime Thursday night!

So...say a prayer for a GREAT MRI for Scott today!


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