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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Scan Results - Delayed

Hi Everyone,

We met with Scott's oncologist, Dr. Gruber, today and brought the disc of scans from NYU with us.  Unfortunately, the disc was missing the images that the doc needed to examine. was a bit frustrating!  (Good thing Dr. Gruber keeps a dish of candy on his desk -- I was starving and that helped to keep my reactions down a level!)  He had the radiology report but not the pics themselves.  He did say that he thinks it is a good report but wants to look at yesterday's MRI scan and compare it to the scan in March to be sure.

He also didn't have the graph showing the perfusion results that would give us more detailed information about the blood flow but again he read the report and that seemed to have good news.  Dr. Gruber is going to NYU tomorrow (Friday) and will call us after he views the scans in the computer system there.

Sorry that this news is a little delayed but I had to steal a little time for myself to exercise - it helps to keep my frustrations with all these blips under control (and work off the candy I ate in Dr. Gruber's office!).  I will update sometime tomorrow after we talk to Dr. Gruber again to get the real results!

Thanks for all the positive prayers! Have a good night!


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