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Thursday, October 03, 2013

October 2013 Scan

Short Version: Scott's oncologist is happy with the scan :)

Long Version: You'd think I'd be an expert myself at reading MRI scans since Scott has been getting them regularly since 2006!  But what I've learned is that really no one is an expert at reading MRIs but some are better than others.  There are many factors that effect what shows on an MRI -- the position of Scott's head during the MRI, the time between they inject him with a contrast dye and the time the scan is actually taken, and even the amount of dye that he is given.   Because of these factors, it is hard to tell if a scan was exactly the same as before as there are always small differences from one scan to the next.  Scott's oncologist and the radiologist at Overlook feel that any differences in the last scan to now are insignificant and lead them to believe anything that shows on the scans is scar tissue.  The radiologist at NYU Langone Medical Center where the scan was done wasn't sure.  Because of this, we are just opting on the side of caution and getting a second opinion from Dr. Wen at Dana Farber cancer institute in Boston, MA.  I've already mailed the scans so hopefully we will hear from him soon.

Overall we are happy that there are no major changes to be seen and that Scott is doing AWESOME!

Our Voices Against Brain Cancer Walk in NYC is coming up on Scott's birthday, November 17th!  Check out our team page at and sign up to walk with us, walk virtually, or donate to the team.  We are still working hard to raise money to find a cure for brain cancer for Scott and for all others who are fighting this disease!  Thanks for all your support everyone!

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