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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Spoerl Brainstormers Raised Over $37,000!!

The walk for Voices Against Brain Cancer was AMAZING on Sunday!  Scott was introduced by Tony Danza and opened the walk with a great speech!  Then the Spoerl Brainstormers led the way!! Click the link below to hear his speech and Tony Danza singing Happy Birthday to him!

Scott's Speech (A must see!!):  

Thank you to ALL of you who donated to our team.  We are humbled by the outpouring of support from our friends, family, and even people we've never met!

Update on Scott:  Yesterday we consulted with Dr. Howard Fine, neuro-oncologist, who answered all of our questions and gave his recommendations for Scott - he was great!  He also wants to do one more type of scan for Scott to gather just a little more information. This will happen on Thursday and then we HOPE to make a decision on how to proceed with treatment sometime this weekend (if we get the results and talk to Dr. Fine before the weekend).    The good news is that the tumor appears to be slow growing so we feel that it is OK to take some time in making the right decision on treatment for Scott and not rush into anything.

Here is a picture of our fabulous team from Sunday:

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