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Friday, March 28, 2014

Prayers for our niece, Katelyn

Dear Friends and Family,

My sister-in-law, Laura (Scott's brother, Ben's wife) posted this news about their daughter today,

Our hearts are broken. Katelyn has been diagnosed with a hepatoblastoma. We noticed a bulge in her belly a few days ago and right now she's in the ICU at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center. She had the tumor biopsied today and they also installed a broviac for her chemo treatments, which should begin sometime next week once the results from the biopsy are back. Unfortunately, they cannot operate on the tumor at this time because it is taking up too much of her liver so we have some time to send the scans out for review while she receives chemo. She has been a trooper through all of this and keeping all the doctors and nurses in check.  All prayers are much appreciated. 

The readers of this blog are such an amazing prayer and support group that I'm asking you to add Katelyn to your prayer list. She is a bright and happy girl who brings a smile to all who know her. Life seems so unfair sometimes but the Spoerls are a strong crew. Please keep Katelyn in your prayers.



  1. Prayers on the way Katelyn. Hold strong girl! <3

  2. Mary B5:29 PM

    Strong crew is an understatement. We're sending love and prayers from the West.

  3. Prayers from all of us over here!