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Friday, April 04, 2014

Katelyn's Blog

Thank you for all your prayers and positive thoughts for Katelyn.  She is now home from the hospital and has finished her first round of chemotherapy.  To stay updated on Katelyn, please visit her Caring Bridge blog at

Site Link:
Site Name: katelynspoerlsjourney

The password for her page is "guppies". 

Katelyn's fight has just begun so we need to continue to pray for her strength to fight this cancer and pray for the strength of her parents, Ben and Laura, who are amazing people and loving parents. They have Spoerl Strength and will fight hard. It's our job to support them and stay positive -- Katelyn has a great role model in her Uncle Scott, that's for sure!!


  1. Spoerl strong!! Sending love, cozy hugs, lots of snuggles and many prayers!!!!!

  2. Keeping Katelyn in my daily prayers, Spoerl Family!