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Thursday, August 07, 2014

Surgery scheduled

Last weekend, I reached out to some of my Bain cancer community friends.  These are people I have met through my journey with Scott over the past several years.  Thank you Jodi, Mitchell, and Joanne for all your help, advice, and for letting me in to your lives.  It has helped so much to speak with others who know the language (and doctors) before making some of the tough decisions that we made this week.

This week we met with doctors and have scheduled surgery at MSK for Monday, August 18th unless we change our minds before then as this isn't an easy decision to make.  Surgery will help to plan treatment because it will give doctors the opportunity to get the molecular make-up of the tumor and grade the tumor.  We hope that this will help his new oncologist plan and recommend treatment that is specific for Scott.   

We are hopeful and optimistic that this new team of doctors will find new ways to fight Scott's cancer. For those of you who don't see Scott every day, he really looks good.  He has lost weight, feels good, and you wouldn't know he had brain cancer.  Let's help to keep it that way!

And don't forget about the VABC walk this Sunday morning.  We need your help to raise money to fund new treatments to find a cure! Please sign up to walk with us virtually or in person! Wear orange and ask others for donations to our team at   

Xoxo, Julie 

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  1. Mary B12:28 PM

    We're sending all the love and positive mojo we can muster. Go Team Spoerl!